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What is the use value of DDS Jammer?

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DDS Jammer is a special device used to prevent illegal flying objects from causing harm to ground personnel and vehicles, and to protect the safety of people's lives and property.

  • What is the use value of DDS Jammer?

  • What are the installation considerations for DDS Jammer?

  • How does DDS Jammer work?

What is the use value of DDS Jammer?

With the rapid development of science and technology, civil unmanned aerial vehicles have been gradually popularized and applied in various fields, such as aerial photography, agricultural plant protection and so on. However, the accompanying safety problems have also become increasingly prominent: due to the small size and relatively fast flight speed of low-flying unmanned aerial vehicles, they are extremely prone to crashes; in addition, there are many loopholes in airspace management and At the same time, with the increase in the number of drones in my country and the continuous expansion of the scope of use, the "black flying" problem has become more and more serious. The existence of these problems seriously threatens the safety of life and property of the general public.

In order to avoid various safety hazards caused by illegal aircraft and to ensure that aviation safety and airport clearance environment are not affected, in recent years, local governments have taken a series of measures to strengthen the management of civil drones. One of the most important means is to install anti-collision devices such as DDS Jammer or shield for effective protection!

What are the installation considerations for DDS Jammer?

  1. To arrange the DDS Jammer on a fixed platform, you must determine the location, determine the altitude, or do it from a high altitude.

  2. When installing a drone with a fixed platform, use a wrench to screw on the nodes or joints that connect it to the ground. If it is not assembled, do not start it, so as not to damage the host.

  3. When erecting the fixing frame outdoors, pay attention to the water tightness of the outdoor, and do not place it in a place where water is likely to accumulate, or place the machine on a flat place, which is easy to fall into the water and burn its body.

  4. After installing the UAV on the fixed platform, you can adjust the launch angle of the antenna according to the actual situation, and use the mobile device to detect whether all the signals are within the protection area.

How does DDS Jammer work?

The working principle of DDS Jammer is a device that interferes with electromagnetic waves in the surrounding space through electromagnetic interference devices installed on the aircraft to achieve blocking of air objects or make them fall out of control. At present, there are two types of magnetron type and ESC type. The former transmits high-frequency signals to change the electric field intensity in the surrounding space, thereby changing the surrounding magnetic field distribution to achieve the purpose of blocking the target; the latter radiates into the space. The low-frequency signal generates electric field changes to achieve the purpose of blocking the target.

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