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What do you know about DDS Jammer?

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High-speed DDS Jammer composed of FPGA + R2R resistor network. Under the circumstance that component procurement is difficult and the price is high today, 20 to 24 resistors are a very cost-effective high-speed DAC solution. It should be noted that the wiring delay from the parallel data bus of the FPGA to each resistor node, Resistors should be selected with relatively high accuracy, such as at least 1% accuracy.

  • What is the effective jamming distance of DDS Jammer?

  • What is the security of DDS Jammer?

  • What are the precautions for using DDS Jammer?

What is the effective jamming distance of DDS Jammer?

The interference distance depends on the radiated power of the whole machine and the transmission power of the interfered UAV. The radiation power of the drone jamming gun depends on the output power of the motherboard, the passive efficiency of the antenna, and the radiation efficiency of the whole machine. Different manufacturers of UAVs also have different transmit powers. In contrast, Texin Electronics' power will be stronger.

What is the security of DDS Jammer?

The principle of DDS Jammer is to interfere with UAV communication by transmitting high-power or ultra-high-power radio frequency signals. In this case, the power load and circuit load are very large. If the link is mismatched or self-excited, such as poor matching or antenna Mismatch, there is a security risk of motherboard burnout.

What are the precautions for using DDS Jammer?

A: Unpacking inspection

  1. Check the main equipment and components according to the packing list, if there is any missing, please contact the manufacturer.

  2. Confirm the number of antennas and the logo on the antenna.

B: Antenna installation

  1. The low-frequency antenna is long, and it is recommended to install it at the rear of the vehicle.

  2. It is recommended to install a high-frequency antenna on the roof, and an antenna base with a flip structure is optional, so that the antenna can be folded and placed on the roof during standby.

  3. It is recommended to use 4*4ORV (off-road vehicle).

C: Cooling and Ventilation

  1. This DDS Jammer has an intelligent cooling and ventilation system without auxiliary heat dissipation;

  2. It is recommended to increase vehicle air intake/exhaust ports to ensure air circulation in the vehicle;

D: Vehicle power supply

  1. This DDS Jammer consumes a lot of electricity and must provide AC power through the on-board generator;

  2. Conventional gasoline generators can be used, and the generator power is required to be no less than 5000W;

  3. If you need a vehicle-mounted generator with low noise, small size and sufficient power, you can choose a buffalo power generator.

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