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How does a DDS Jammer work?

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A DDS Jammer is a method of generating an analog waveform (typically a sine wave) by generating a time-varying signal in digital form and then performing a digital-to-analog conversion. Because operation within a DDS device is primarily digital, it provides fast switching between output frequencies, fine frequency resolution, and operation over a wide range of frequencies. With advances in design and process technology, today's DDS devices are very compact and low power.

  • What are the characteristics of DDS Jammers in use?

  • What are the main advantages of DDS Jammers?

  • How does a DDS Jammer work?

What are the characteristics of DDS Jammers in use?

The ability of DDS Jammers to accurately generate and control waveforms of various frequencies and profiles has become a key requirement common to many industries. Whether providing a flexible, low-phase noise variable frequency source with good spurious performance for communications, or simply generating frequency excitation in industrial or biomedical test equipment applications, convenience, compactness and low cost are important design considerations.

Many possibilities for DDS Jammer frequency generation are open to designers, from phase-locked loop (PLL)-based techniques for VHF synthesis to dynamic programming of digital-to-analog converter (DAC) outputs to generate arbitrary waveforms at lower frequencies. But DDS technology is rapidly gaining acceptance for addressing frequency (or waveform) generation requirements in communications and industrial applications, as single-chip IC devices can simply generate programmable analog output waveforms with high resolution and accuracy.

What are the main advantages of DDS Jammers?

DDS Jammers are programmed via a high-speed serial peripheral interface (SPI) and require only an external clock to generate simple sine waves. DDS devices are available now and can generate frequencies from below 1 Hz to up to 400 MHz (based on 1-GHz clocks.) The low power consumption, low cost and small individual package advantages of DDS Jammers, combined with their inherent superior performance and the ability to digitally program (and reprogram) the output waveform, make DDS devices an attractive solution --Better than less flexible solutions, including aggregation of discrete elements.

How does a DDS Jammer work?

A DDS generates a sine wave of a given frequency. The frequency depends on two variables, the reference clock frequency and the binary number programmed into the frequency register (tuning word).

The binary number in the DDS Jammer frequency register provides the main input to the phase accumulator. If a sine lookup table is used, the phase accumulator calculates the phase (angle) address of the lookup table, which outputs a digital value of the amplitude (corresponding to the sine of that phase angle) to the DAC. The DAC in turn converts that number to the corresponding analog voltage or current value. To generate a fixed frequency sine wave, a constant value (phase increment - determined by a binary number) is added to the phase accumulator each clock cycle. If the phase increment is large, the phase accumulator will quickly pass through the sine lookup table, thus generating a high frequency sine wave. If the phase increment is small, the phase accumulator will take more steps, resulting in a slower waveform.

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