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  • Why the booster power LED is not bright?

    1. Checking the input AC power range indicated on the power adapter whether is corresponding to the local power system.
    2. Checking the power adapter whether connect the equipment correctly and stably or not.
  • After running the booster, why the signals are not stable?

    1. Checking the distance between the donor antenna and server antenna is too close to each other? Check LED of the booster to make sure alarms are green.
    2. Checking the signals from the donor antenna whether to be stable or not?
    3. Connect the system again if it is an incorrect connection.
  • Why the signal strength is too weak on the edge of the area?

    1. Check the outdoor signal and antenna direction.
    2. Check booster is the full gain or not.
    3. Check all of the connectors are tight.
    4. Change the location of the outdoor/indoor antenna.
    5. Check the cable type is suitable or not.
    6. Deploy more indoor antennas.
  • Why is there still no signal after installing the equipment?

    1. Check the power on the booster and power supply.
    2. Check the connector of the outdoor antenna is tight or not.
    3. Check the connectors of the RF cable are tight or not.
    4. Check the outdoor signal is strong enough or not.
    5. Check to make sure the antenna is installed correctly.
    6. Check the connector of the indoor antenna is tight or not.
    7. Check the cable type is suitable or not.
  • Payment Method

    T/T, Western Union, Paypal, and Credit Card are available,
    *Other methods please contact us with more details.
  • Delivery Date of the sample by DHL/FedEx

    USA/Canada/Europe/Asia 3-5 days
    Middle East/Latin American 5-7 days
    African 3-7 days
  • Shipment Date

    Sample 3-5 business days
    <20 pcs 7-15 days
    20-50 pcs 15-24 days
    >50 pcs Negotiate
  • Do you accept OEM/ODM order?

    Yes, we can customize the brand logo, colors, and frequencies.
  • What should I do if I don't know about frequency in my country?

    Please feel free to contact us with your inquiry, we will find the frequency you need and address your problems. 
  • Could I get a sample before bulk order?

    Yes, we offer the sample for all models but charged.
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