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What are the features of DDS Jammer?

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DDS Jammer isolation range: radius 100-500 meters (under -75dBm field strength, determined by the distance and signal strength from the signal base station in the open area) Transmission power: Integrated equipment ≥ 1000W, each frequency band ≥ 100W.

  • What are the features of DDS Jammer?

  • How does DDS Jammer work?

  • What is the basis for the design of DDS Jammer?

What are the features of DDS Jammer?

DDS Jammer adopts DDS digital FM shielding technology: DDS: DirectDigital Synthesized Technology, broadband denoising sweep DDS digital integration technology;

The frequency range and power can be adjusted according to the field setting. The shielding effect has phase continuity in time (up to the level of us), concentration in energy, pertinence in target, and real-time tactical effect in effect. The shielding effect is much better than the previous analog shielding methods;

Within the frequency band of 20M-6000MHz, the specified frequency band can be customized, and multiple chassis can be expanded according to customer needs;

Modular design of the internal structure, the shielding blocking frequency can be arbitrarily combined and adjusted, each module can be switched on and off independently, and has the function of fault alarm;

Each module has an RS485-USB interface, and each module can output 4 frequency bands at the same time. 10 modules can output a total of 40 frequency bands. Especially suitable for targeted or selective shielding;

Each module can be enabled/disabled independently, and efficient frequency division is adopted, so that the device can be shielded from signals of different frequencies.

The trailer-type design can be installed in the car, or replaced with the car, used on-site, or temporarily installed and used.

How does DDS Jammer work?

Based on Direct Digital Synthesizer (DDS), DDS Jammer designs a fast frequency hopping generator with continuous carrier phase, and uses it in Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) and ultra-high-speed digital analog This algorithm is implemented on the hardware platform of the converter (Digital to Analog Converter, DAC). Considering the two design principles of speed and area in FPGA design, two methods are adopted for the realization of DDS algorithm. Using limited resources, the parameters of hopping speed of 20 000 times/s and frequency hopping bandwidth of 200 MHz are realized, and the phase continuity between the frequency hopping frequency points is verified by testing, which provides a basis for the research of coherent fast frequency hopping anti-jamming communication system.

What is the basis for the design of DDS Jammer?

As shown in the block diagram of the single-channel DDS Jammer, under the reference of the system clock, the phase accumulator linearly accumulates the Frequency Control Word (FCW), performs phase-amplitude conversion according to the sine look-up table, and obtains the digital sequence output, and then passes The digital-to-analog converter gets a smooth sine wave, and the limitation of traditional DDS is the limited output frequency. According to the Nyquist sampling theorem, the output frequency of a single DDS should be less than half of the system clock frequency. Considering the design pressure of the subsequent filter, it is generally considered that the maximum output frequency is 40% of the system clock in engineering.

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