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5G Standard And Industrial Ecology

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    June 12, "5G standard and industrial ecology" theme summit opened in Beijing. Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Vice Minister Chen Zhaoxiong pointed out at the meeting, 5G as a new generation of mobile       Communication technology development of the main direction, not only can significantly enhance the mobile Internet users high-bandwidth business experience, more suitable for large-scale Internet connectivity, wide coverage of massive applications Demand, to speed up the production of digital, network, intelligent development, and promote the transformation and development of the real economy has an important role.

      Chen Zhaoxiong proposed three initiatives: First, to speed up the development of 5G unified standards. Hope that China 5G Promotion Group to give full play to the role of coordination and bridge link, and promote domestic and foreign industries to strengthen cross-country, cross-regional, cross-enterprise depth cooperation. Second, speed up the 5G technology research and development experiments. 5G commercial target for 2020, as soon as possible to break through the ultra-high-speed, large capacity, low latency, high reliability 5G equipment, terminal chips and core components of research and development. Third, accelerate the development of 5G fusion innovation. To industrial Internet, car networking and other new formats as a breakthrough, to promote the application of qualified areas first pilot, for 5G large-scale application to lay a good foundation


    “In early 2012, ITU-R embarked on a program to develop ‘IMT for 2020 and beyond,’ setting the stage for 5G research activities that are emerging around the world. Through the leading role of Working Party 5D, ITU’s Radio communication Sector has finalized its view of a timeline towards IMT-2020. The detailed investigation of the key elements of 5G are already well underway, once again utilizing the highly successful partnership ITU-R has with the mobile broadband industry and the wide range of stakeholders in the 5G community. In September 2015, ITU-R has finalized its vision of the 5G mobile broadband connected society. This view of the horizon for the future of mobile technology will be instrumental in setting the agenda for the World Radio communication Conference 2019, where deliberations on additional spectrum are taking place in support of the future growth of IMT.”


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   Based on the aforementioned timeline, various working groups of industry stakeholders are currently going through technical performance requirements; evaluation criteria and method; and submission templates, then moving into a workshop phase in 2017. In 2018 and 2019, the timeline calls for taking proposals on IMT-2020, evaluation of those proposals and consensus building ahead of standardization in 2020.


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