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Convoy Protection IED Jammers 11 Channels High Integrated BroadBand Jamming System

  • China


  • SGS, ISO9001

  • GW-5850VJ11

  • 1pcs

  • Negotiable

  • Wooden Case with PE Foam

  • 10 Working Days After Received Payment

  • T/T, L/C, Western Union, MoneyGram

  • 500pcs per Month

Convoy Protection IED Jammers 11 Channels High Integrated BroadBand Jamming System



Convey Bomb Jammer Description:


GW-5850VJ11 Bomb Jammer from GREETWIN.
Our Bomb Jammer technology is defensive in nature. With IED Jammer and RF Jammer designs, our engineers have produced powerful system solutions needed to meet the growing threat of Remote Controlled Improvised Explosive Devices or RCIED weapons.
The Bomb Jammer – IED Jammer can neutralize / prevent deadly criminal acts such as radio controlled Car Bombs, roadside bombs, ambush by remote IED attacks, assassinations, and remote controlled terrorist events. In addition to implementing High Power IED Jammers and Convoy Jammers, we have also designed and deployed facility jammers with dual functionality.
By combating remote controlled IEDs at checkpoints and border crossings, our Stationary Jammers work to defeat border guard and checkpoint ambush attacks. Yet our RF Jammers also serve as communication jamming systems to block the signal bands attempting to broadcast radio signals. This RF Jamming stifles unauthorized communications in high level government installations, diplomatic buildings, prison institutions, and military bases.


Whether in military or civilian applications, protecting troop and VIP convoys from the threat of roadside bombs, or radio-controlled improvised explosive devices (RCIEDs), has become a very high priority and a tactical challenge. Almenta is proud to provide the world’s number one bomb jammers, supplied in specially customized vehicles. These systems provide the ultimate protection of convoys from the threat of radio-controlled road-side bombs.


In order to mitigate the threat of attack by remote controlled improvised explosive devises while traveling by vehicle, our convoy jamming system was created. The protection jammer,convoy jamming system for convoy security consists of several electronic warfare ECM jammers. These jammers are placed at various points on select convoy vehicles in order to increase the coverage of RF jamming efficiency.

What kinds of vehicles would employ the convoy protection jammer Convoy Protection Jamming system?

Medical vehicles
Tactical police vehicles


Additional Accessories:
1. Electric Generator
2. Backup Battery
3. Omni Directional Antennas
4. Directional Antennas (Optional)
5. Superflexible 1/2 RF Cables – 7 meters Extend to Install Antennas
6. Wired Remote Control Unit – Switch ON/OFF and Switch Operation modes;
7. Connectors for use in CAR

Convey Bomb Jammer Technical Specifications:

Can customize these frequencies AM, FM Radio, LoJack 173MHz, VHF, UHF, Walkie-talkie, interphone, Wireless Toys , FM Radio, Remote Control, 27MHz, 49MHz, 433MHz,315MHz, 868MHz, 450MHz, iDEN, CDMA, GSM, GPRS, DCS, PCS, AWS,WCDMA,UMTS,3G,4G,LTE 700, LTE 800, LTE 2300, LTE 2600, GPS L1,GPSL2, Galileo, Compass, Glonass, WIFI, Bluetooth, Spy camera, WIMAX, UAV, Drone, 5.8G, etc.


Channel Frequency Range Output Power(±1dBm) Output Power(±1dBm)
CH1 20~108MHz Wireless Toys , FM Radio 50dBm
CH2 135~174MHz walkie-talkie(VHF) 50dBm
CH3 300-400MHz Remote Control 50dBm
CH4 400~470MHz walkie-talkie(UHF), car alarm 50dBm
CH5 851~894 MHz Cellular CDMA 50dBm
CH6 902-960MHz Cellular GSM, E-GSM,Drone 50dBm
CH7 1805~1990MHz Cellular DCS,PCS 50dBm
CH8 1570-1580MHz GPS L1,Drone 47dBm
CH9 2110~2170MHz Cellular WCDMA 50dBm
CH10 2400-2485MHz WiFi, Bluetooth, Drone 50dBm
CH11 5725-5850MHz WiFi, 5.8G, Drone 41.7dBm

Power Supply: AC110-240V

Output power: 1000W
Jamming radius: 50-800M depending on the environment signal strength

Power Consumption: 3000W


External Panel Antennas


Humidity: 5%-95%
Working temp: -20’C to +55’C degree Celsius


Convey Bomb Jammer RF Characteristics:


Output Power 1000Watts
Internal Modulation FM Hopping Frequency
Signal Source VCO Synthesized & DDS
Power Supply AC110-240V, 24V DC
Modules Per Unit 11
Wired remote Control ON/OFF with Switch
Monitoring Adjusted output power by DIP Switch.
Antenna External – Omni-directional for 360º
Power Amplifier Protectors Full VSWR protector
Operating hours Unlimited


Convoy Protection IED Jammers 11 Channels High Integrated BroadBand Jamming System 0


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