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4G LTE 2600MHz Mobile Phone Signal Jammer for Increasing Distance

  • China


  • SGS, ISO9001

  • GW-JM35

  • 1pcs

  • Negotiable

  • Wooden Case with PE Foam

  • 10 Working Days after Received Payment

  • T/T, L/C, Western Union, MoneyGram

  • 1000pcs per Month

4G LTE 2600MHz Mobile Phone Signal Jammer for Increasing Distance


The mobile phone signal jammer is a device which transmits the signals to the same frequency. The jamming section is successful when the area of the mobile phone signal is disabled if the jammer is on. The first jamming device was developed and used by the military for communication purpose. Where the planed commanders use RF communication to control their power and also in enemy communications. Nowadays the mobile users are increasing day by day, hence the mobile phone jammer devices are becoming civilian by comparing with the electronic devices to disable the mobile signals in specific locations.


Mobile phone signal jammer is very common in our life. Many times, in order to protect the privacy and safety of our lives or business meetings, we need a shield to shield a certain range of mobile phone signals around us. However, there are many types of mobile phone signal jammers on the market, including low power, medium power, high power and super high power. The greater the power, the farther the shielding distance is. Of course, the higher the power, the more expensive the price is. In addition, the quality of mobile phone signal jammers in the market are different, some are good, some are bad. There is also a case that the shielding distance of different frequencies is different for the same jammer. For example, the same jammer supports shielding the distance of 10m for 3G and 4G, but in practical applications, 3G may reach 10m, but 4G may only be 7-8m. At this time, if we need to increase the shielding distance of the 4G signal to 10m, we need an additional device to enhance the interference ability. Thus, our equipment GW-JM35 is designed for this requirement to enhance the interference ability and increase the distance. So we don't have to spend more money to buy a high-power equipment, which greatly saves us a lot of money. This is a very economical method for users.



Mobile Phone Signal Jammer Features:

1. Indoor using, Light weight, very high output power

2. Strong cooling system, work continuously

3. Circuit, shock, temperature and voltage protection

4. Output power 50W make high jamming range

5. One channel with different frequency range

or customize other cellular standard in the world.

Such as 450M, 2.4G, 5.8G, Walkie Talkie,GPRS,iDEN,GPS,UMTS,WiFi,AWS,4G.

6. Each channel can be controlled separately and simultaneously.

Manual adjustable output power with each channel.



Mobile Phone Signal Jammer Application:
Prisons, military, government, Oil and Gas Storage Facilities and fields,

Churches, Theatres, News Conference Rooms, Libraries, Museums, Courts,
Border Patrol and Drug Enforcement, Customs, mosques, etc.


-----Mobile Phone Signal Jammer Technical Parameters-----

 Output port  Frequency Average output power
 LTE 2600MHz  2620 - 2690MHz 50W
 Power supply: AC110-240V, DC 28V
 Energy consumption: 150w
 Dimension: 220*110*146mm
 Weight: 5.5kg
 Running temperature: -10 to +55℃
 Output power: 50W
 Jamming range(radius): 50-200m (Depend on local signal intensity)
 1pcs directional panel antennas


4G LTE 2600MHz Mobile Phone Signal Jammer for Increasing Distance 0 

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