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The High Power Jammer is the ultimate anti-drone system built to provide maximum security to any facility. This jammer employs advanced technology that can disable drones within a wide range, up to 4km, and is equipped with adjustable power levels, so you can target specific drones while leaving others untouched.

This jammer is powered by an internal battery with a long-lasting capacity, as well as a car charger for on-the-go protection. It also comes with a 360-degree rotating mount that allows you to easily adjust the direction of the signal to cover more of the airspace. Additionally, you can conveniently access the settings and adjust the power levels remotely through its accompanying app.

The High Power Jammer is designed with a high-grade aluminum housing that is resistant to corrosion and ensures increased durability and protection against wear and tear. Moreover, its built-in algorithm accurately detects incoming drones, so it can quickly shut down their signals and immobilize them within seconds.

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