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N Female 400MHz RF BDA Bi Directional Signal Amplifier

  • China


  • SGS, ISO9001

  • GW-36T

  • 1PC

  • $2123.1-2412.6

  • 450mm X 348mm X186mm

  • 3-5days

  • L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram

  • 10000

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TETRA 400 MHz Band Selective Repeater RF BDA Bi Directional Amplifier Phone Signal Booster


What Is BDA Or Bi-Directional Amplifier System And When Is It Ideally Implemented?

A consumer, commercial, and public safety BDA System is also known as a cell phone signal booster system or PASSIVE DAS system (passive distributed antenna system PDAS). It is typically ideal for approximately UNDER 10 floors and 500,000 sq. ft. of coverage areas to fix dead zones within them for all cellular carriers simultaneously. It requires some signal outside in one spot for it to amplify and distribute it indoors using distributed RF antenna(s). Great for schools and universities. Hotels are perfect because SureCall cell boosters allow a large amount of simultaneous callers. Hospitals and medical facilities have been using BDAs for years to eliminate dead zones. It can be installed a lot quicker (within weeks) at a much lower cost than digital fiber optic DAS systems.

Item Specifications
Frequency Range Uplink 410-415MHz
Downlink 420~425MHz
Maximum Input Power (Non-Destructive) 0dBm
Maximum Gain Uplink 85±3dB
Downlink 90±3dB
Maximum Output Power Uplink 30±2dBm
Downlink 36±2dBm
Gain Adjustment Range 1~31 dB @ step of 1 dB
AGC Range ≥20dB
VSWR ≤1.5
Noise Figure ≤ 6dB
In-band Ripple ≤±2.5dB
Spurious Emission 9kHz~1GHz: ≤ -36dBm
1GHz~12.75GHz: ≤ -30dBm
Third-order Inter-Modulation ≤ -45dBc
System Delay ≤8μSec
I/O Impedance 50Ω
RF Connector N- Female
Temperature Range Operation: -25°C ~ + 55°C
Relative Humidity Range ≤ 95% (Non Condensing)
Power Supply AC220V,50/60Hz
Power Consumption ≤150W
Application Indoor and outdoor (IP65)
Dimensions 428mm X 328mm X175mm
Weight ≤15kg
Local Control PC+USB and WiFi Hotspot
Remote Monitoring(Optional) 4G Wirelss Modem(Cloud Network Management System)
NMS Monitoring Function

Real-time alarm for door status, temperature, power supply, VSWR, etc;

Remote control such as turn on/off, increasing/decreasing output power etc;

Real-time status for output/input power, UL/DL gain, all status of BDA etc.


N Female 400MHz RF BDA Bi Directional Signal Amplifier 1


The BDA is working as a relay between the BTS and mobiles. It receives the low-power signal from BTS via the Donor Antenna, linearly amplifies the signal and then retransmits it via the Coverage Antenna to the weak/blind coverage area. And the mobile signal is also amplified and retransmitted to the BTS via the opposite direction.

N Female 400MHz RF BDA Bi Directional Signal Amplifier 2

OEM Customized Service
Silkscreen OEM service can be offered


N Female 400MHz RF BDA Bi Directional Signal Amplifier 3


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N Female 400MHz RF BDA Bi Directional Signal Amplifier 7

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