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23dbm GSM850 PCS1900 GSM Cell Phone Repeater For 2G 3G 4G

  • China


  • SGS, ISO9001,CE,ROHS

  • GW-23CP-V

  • 1pcs

  • USD95.5-USD125.5pcs

  • Carton with PE Foam

  • 3 Working Days After Received Payment

  • T/T, L/C, Western Union, MoneyGram

  • 5000pcs per Month

Product Description

1,Product Details.jpg

    23dbm Cellular GSM850 PCS1900 Signal Booster GSM Cell Phone Repeater For 2G 3G 4G

Frequency Range





935 - 960MHz

              DCS1800MHz                    1710-1785MHz                     1805-1880 MHz

Max. Gain



Max. Output Power



Band width

Wide Band

Manual Gain Control

31dB / 1dB Step



Ripple in Band


Noise Figure

≤ 6dB


≤ 2.0


≤ -40dBc

Spurious Emission


≤ -36dBm


≤ -30dBm

Time Delay

≤ 1.5 μs

Frequency stability

≤ 0.01ppm


> 50000 hours


50 ohm

Power Supply

AC 90-264V,DC 9V/5A

Power LED

Power indicator

Alarm LED


Self oscillation or Strong input signal



Mechanical Specification

RF Connector



Power Switch,Manual Gain Control Switch


Heatsink Convection cooling


< 90%

Operating Temperature

-10°C ~ +55°C

Environment Conditions


Installation Type

Wall Installation




< 1.5Kg


2,Product Display.jpg 




23dbm GSM850 PCS1900 GSM Cell Phone Repeater For 2G 3G 4G 2



Product Manual

 Indoor Signal Repeater (Signal Booster) series is an ideal solution for wireless system in small/medium businesses and home users looking to enhance indoor wireless connectivity. It is connected via coaxial cable to Donor Antenna and Service Antenna, Donor Antenna is placed outside the building where it has easy access to BTS signal, and the Service Antenna is placed in the building where it can extend radio coverage to the blind area. And Automatic Gain Control (AGC) to avoid the Booster from over saturation, therefore maintaining a high voice quality and avoid adding interference to network. With good looking & super compact design also make it attractive. Besides, it is easy installation feature is also for individual customers to install the booster by themselves, and it does not need much professional knowledge and instrument. The dual band improves mobile signals with no negative impact on human health.


1. Cost effective solution for weak signal zones, reduce drop/off calls.
2. Compact size, low power consumption, easy installation, great cover.

Expansion and extending of the signal of base station.

Optimization of the quality of the signal and source
3. Cover about 3000~6000m² without block or obstruct.
4. High linear design, ALC function design, low interference to BTS.
5. Support any cellular devices (voice & data & video)
6. Wide band signal booster, or customize selective band booster.


Digital Display Panel, Intelligent mode setting
Smart function called which can be activated via the digital display panel.
Users can choose gain and working system by LED Digital Panel.

Set the technical parameters simple and efficient, this is easier than DIP Switch.

Standard Package

1) AC90-264V, DC 9V/5A power supply adapter 1PCS
2) AC power cord (EU/US/UK/SA/China standard, etc) 1PCS
3) Installation kit 1PCS
4) User manual 1PCS

Application Diagram


User's Manual


We manufacture Signal Boosters as your requirements.


Support Frequencies:

Single Band, Dual Band, Tri Band, Quad Band, Quint band for your options.


Single band:

Tetra400MHz, CDMA450 MHz, LTE700MHz, LTE800MHz, iDEN800, CDMA 800/GSM850 MHz, GSM 900MHz, EGSM900, AWS1700/2100MHz, DCS1800 MHz, LTE1800 MHz, PCS1900 MHz, 3G WCDMA 2100 MHz, LTE2600MHz, etc.


Dual band:

GSM900+1800, EGSM900+1800, GSM900+PCS1900, GSM900+ LTE2600, GSM900+3G 2100, EGSM900+WCDMA, GSM850+PCS1900, GSM850+ AWS1700, CDMA800+WCDMA, CDMA800+1800,1800+3G 2100, 2100+LTE2600, LTE700+PCS1900,

 LTE800+EGSM900, etc.


Tri band:

GSM900+DCS1800+3G2100, 1800+2100+LTE2600, LTE800+GSM900+1800,

GSM900+1800+LTE2600, GSM900+2100+LTE2600, EGSM900+WCDMA+LTE2600, GSM850+PCS1900+AWS1700, GSM850+PCS1900+LTE2600,

LTE700+PCS1900+AWS1700, etc.


Quad band:

GSM900+1800+2100+LTE2600, EGSM900+1800+2100+LTE2600,

LTE800+GSM900+1800+WCDMA, LTE800+EGSM900+1800+WCDMA, LTE800+GSM900+WCDMA+LTE2600, LTE800+EGSM900+WCDMA+LTE2600, etc.


Quint band:



LTE700(12/17)+ LTE700(14)+GSM850+PCS1900+AWS1700/2100,etc.


The Signal Booster Should be Compatible with the Frequencies used in your Country.

Please contact GREETWIN TECH for details.


Product Recommended

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Company Information

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Packing and Shipping

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      Q1. Why is there still no signal after installing the equipment?

            1. Check the power on booster and power supply.

            2. Check the connector of outdoor antenna is tight or not.

            3. Check the connectors of RF cable are tight or not.

            4. Check the outdoor signal is strong enough or not.

            5. Check to make sure the antenna is installed correctly.

            6. Check the connector of indoor antenna is tight or not.

            7. Check the cable type is suitable or not.


      Q2. Why the signal strength is too weak on the edge of area?

            1. Check the outdoor signal and antenna direction.

            2. Check booster is full gain or not.

            3. Check all of the connectors are tight.

            4. Change the location of outdoor/indoor antenna.

            5. Check the cable type is suitable or not.

            6. Deploy more indoor antennas.


      Q3. After running booster, why the signals are not stable?

            1. Checking the distance between donor antenna and server antenna are too close to each other? Check LED

                of booster to

                make sure alarms are green.

            2. Checking the signals from donor antenna whether to be stable or not?

            3. Connect the system again if it is incorrect connection.


      Q4. Why the booster power LED is not bright?

            1. Checking the input AC power range indicated on power adapter whether is corresponding to the local

                power system.

            2. Checking the power adapter whether connect the equipment correctly and stably or not.

            3. Checking the power adapter whether damage or not. To test output voltage whether be corresponding to

                that indicated on power adapter or not by multimeter

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