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Greetwin 400W DDS Cellular Signal Jammer 20-2700MHz VHF Remote Control Luggage Jammer

Antennas: 8antennas
Power Supply: AC220V, or DC24V
Jamming Radius: 500-1000m
Transport Package:Neutral Packing

  • Greetwin

  • To Be Negotiated

  • Neutral Packing

  • 7-15 Day

  • TT/LC

  • 2000PCS

  • China

  • Greetwin


  • 1 PC

Product Description

20-6000MHz High Power Dds 400W 8 Band 433MHz 2.4G 5.8g GPS Portable Drone Jammer
The Pelican jammer is a transportable UAV Jammer built into a strong carrying case.
Pelican drone Jammer is the ultimate anti-drone solution. It is safe, simple to operate and can be used for houses, offices, airports or important places easily. The device uses focused electronic counter measures to block the drone's control, GPS and video signals while minimizing the impact on other local devices. It comes with Omni directional antennas to disrupt 8 frequencies used by the majority of commercial drones. With a radius range of up to 1km. With multiple power outputs the operator can choose if they want the drone to return to home or land.

High Power Frequency Scan Convoy Jamming System, implementing the most effective and reliable RF jamming technology and equipped with a fully-integrated broadband jamming system. It plays an important role to use the heavily loaded vehicle and trolley-type devices in some extreme hard situation. The operator can carry it forward through the hills and muddy road, as well as Climbing steep mounts and stairs avoid casualties and improve the combat efficiency.

Pelican Jammer with light weight, highly mobility and reliance. This device is configured with 8 different jamming modules, the jamming frequency can be more than 10 Bands, especially easy to install and operate, simply attach the selected antennas and activate the desired frequency bands.

The general design of the system meets requirements as well as international quality standards and requirements. Our industrial in-house quality management system guarantees highest quality standards in terms of performance, reliable and long-life cycles.
Based on our general design, we can further customize our systems to client-specified scenarios and civil applications in order to provide the best individual solution.
The PELICAN Jammer can be used by protective forces conducting radio jamming.
  1. High-power multi-band jammer, Frequency Scan technology,

  2. Modular construction for easy maintenance, repair and upgrade.

  3. Jamming 8 different jamming modules.

  4. Max 400watts total RF output power.

  5. AC mains or DC power,It can be used in car with battery and can be fixed in special occasion.

  6. Systematic Smart Cooling System. Use Pelican case, waterproof, shockproof, irrefrangible, dustproof and portable.

  7. The general design of the system meets your requirements.

  8. Different frequency bands can be controlled independently by single switches;

  9. Power Amplifiers protection design ensures the working reliability of the device

  10. Can customize these frequencies AM, FM Radio, VHF, UHF, 450MHz, iDEN, CDMA, GSM, GPRS, DCS, PCS, AWS, WCDMA, LTE 700, LTE 800, LTE 2300, LTE 2600, GPS, Galileo, Compass, Glonass,WIFI, WIMAX, UAV, drone, etc.

Each unit can jam up to 8 frequency bands, Each frequency band is separate and with adjustable power.
100% Safe VSWR over protection for each modular.
Good cooling system with Heat sink and fans inside
with Pelican case 1560, carry out,
Build-in Battery 27V 40Ah continue working 1 hour,
Working status indicator for each band modular.

Technical Specification:      
Output interfaceDescriptionShield band of frequencyRF output power(±1dBm)
CH1Remote400-450 MHz47dBm
CH2Remote868-915 MHz47dBm
CH3GPSL21200-1280 MHz47dBm
CH55.8G5700-5900 MHz47dBm
Power supply: AC220V, or DC24V    
Total Output Power: 400Watt
Power consumption: 1200Watt  
Weight: 55Kg                                    Size(length × wind × high):56*32*64cm
Humidity: 30%-95%                                   Running Temperature: -20ºC to +55ºC
Jammer Module Number8
Cooling SystemSystematic Smart Cooling System
System ProtectionVSWR,  Over-voltage
Jamming SourceFrequency Scan Technology, with white noise
Antenna TypeHigh Gain Omni-directional Antennas
Number of Antennas8
Inside 1 hour Battery (Optional)24V DC
Jamming range: 500-1100m according to signal density of mobile network

Note: All Bomb Jammers, IED Jammers, RF Signal Jammer and RCIED Jammers, including cell phone jammers and mobile phone jamming devices are sold for governmental, law enforcement.



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