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You Should Know About 5G

November 16, 2017

  To cope with the huge influx of connected devices that will be part of the Internet of Things (IoT), a new level of wireless internet connectivity will be required.


   Fast forward to year 2020, i.e. five years from now, and hopefully the world of the future, filled with driver-less cars and pilot-less drones, is running smoothly and all of this will be built on one critical piece of technology - 5G.


   On November 15, The website of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology release news : 《Notification of the use of 33-3600mhz and 4800-5000mhz frequency band for the 5th generation mobile communication system>> According to introducing, The frequency usage planning of the mid-frequency 5G system can give consideration to the basic needs of system coverage and large capacity, and is the main frequency band of the early deployment of 5G system in China.

   Spectrum is the most important scarce resource in the wireless communication industry. With before compared to 2 g, 3 g, 4 g, 5 g have higher rate of bandwidth, far more than ever, and at the same time support level billions of iot devices connected, 5 g spectrum also far exceeds the number needed for several generations before the sum of mobile communication.

   At present, low frequency segment resources in China have been allocated, and the low-frequency resources of operators are still being used in 2G and 4G networks,No 5G networks.

  In June 2017, The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology determined the 5G spectrum Formally, According to professionals introduction:Many countries and enterprises are waiting for China's plan. The biggest impact on the industrial chain is the biggest in China, and it can also accelerate the maturity of the industrial chain.

  With the global industrial chain, 5G commercial time points are constantly being advanced. South Korea to Achieve Pre-commercial 5G during PyeongChang Winter Olympics 2018 and Japan Expects to Provide 5G Commercial Services for Olympic Games by 2020.


  At present, China mobile on the 5G has a certain technology and a lot of testing experience, and have abundant capital reserves to support the construction of 5 g, 5 g construction of the required number of base stations could reach more than five times as much as 4 G, from the current view , telecom, unicom have not enough money to support construction of 5 G.latest company news about You Should Know About 5G  0